Press Release
Climbing to Earth, 2009

'Climbing to Earth', a site specific installation by Natasha Rosling (London 1985), is the result of a month's residency at the DCNF Cacaofabriek in Helmond.

Rosling's works provoke an intense engagement with bodies and their negotiation of an environment, both physically and psychologically. She is not only trying to develop her own understanding of what it means to have a body, but also to question how ways of looking become tied to traditions of thought and culture. In this way, clothing as a covering and decoration becomes more relevant than skin, and prosthetic limbs or bodily supports become more important than actual limbs themselves.

'Climbing to Earth' seeks to complicate the relationship between object and surface, body and architecture, function and beauty. A combination of raw materials, structural supports, scale and colour are brought to a tension, engaging with and transforming the space. Tarpaulins, sprayed with coloured polyester fibre, are sewn, stretched, draped and fixed over a huge framework, alluding to something that is at once weightless and extremely cumbersome. An association between vision and movement, not only as a physical perceiver but through one's mind's eye becomes central. The undulating velvety surface, although very materially present, carries a richness of hovering colour, seeming to suggest some imagined landscape that has been sliced through and slotted into physical space.  Structured support systems seek to contain or control a sense of excess yet ultimately amplify the forces between the materials and some gesticular movement, pressurizing the surrounding architecture. The scale and labour intensiveness of the making process imbues the work with an impulsive weight.

Natasha Rosling studied Sculpture at Chelsea college of Art in London and is currently completing her MFA at the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam.


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