Mnemonic Bodies, MDT, Stockholm 2015

This event was the outcome of a 3 day workshop that I produced in collaboration with Antoine Bertin for masters students at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. It took place at Modern Dance Theatre Stockholm,as part of the experimental research festival, The Fugue, organised by OuUnPo. The project set out to build a living archive examining the relationship between corporeality, identity, and memory(loss). It asked questions such as, how do embodied or performed acts transmit and re-frame knowledge?  Throughout the final event, audience members were invited to take part in an interview about their most revered body part, providing answers with their mouth inserted into dental alginate. In this way a mould was made of their 'speaking mouth'. Their gloupy, muffled responses were also captured by microphones, cut, layered and amplified into the space. As the participants amounted, their moulds were cast in a factory line, and the layers of the audio sound track continued to build.

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